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Turning noise into insights
Analysis, Visualization, Acquisition, Integration, Interaction, Archiving
DTWISE is a machine-to-machine system
a total data management solution
it simplifies date life’s-cycle.
DTWISE is currently helping utility grade photo voltaic parks, wind-farms, warehouses, factories commercial building become more efficient


Exploring new possibilities, coming up with a powerful search environment
Welcome to the brave new world of DTWISE_search™
Your brand new search environment that brings together all your data, monitoring your patterns and retrieving your numbers right from the heart of your data.
We listen to your machines and your needs and in our environment there’s a perfect understanding among us.
That’s why we took thing to the next level, coming up with our powerful search language, and further exploring your numbers.


In DTWISE we know how to make heavy data meaningful.
WiseWatch™ is a powerful tool and a virtual power panel and offering a bird’s eye view on the whole range of your data.
Observing the whole landscape 24/7, focusing on visualization of electricity, water and gas data consumption and bill estimation, property benchmarking and ranking via an integrated power panel that offers the full service pack

RES Monitoring

A global innovative solution complete control
multidimensional analytics over power production of wind farms or solar parks


DTWISE is involved in Big Data Analytics field providing total data management solutions for Enterprises, Utilities, Liquid Fuel Distributors and Renewable Energy Sources. From acquisition and analysis to retention policies, we empower users with fast access & efficient management of their data.
Laskaratou 12
Athens, Athens
Phone: 2107522900