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WiseWatch Video

Product Video Demo with Hertz® Autohellas

Video Transcript

Welcome to DTWISE
Turn noise into insights
Enter Wise Watch

The operational intelligence platform
Gain real time visibility and critical insights into key performance indicators and other key business metrics

Create valuable infographics
Create dashboards with multiple infographics and related context
Drill down from anywhere in an infographic to the underlying raw events or to another dashboard
Customize dashboards with an easy drag and drop interface
View everything on a desktop or a mobile device
Get scheduled on a demand reports
Real time alerts via Email or SMS (alerts based on a threshold or a pattern)
Acquire data from virtually any source

Monitor your properties
Get a quick view
or view more details
You can check consumption per month
You can check consumption per year
You can compare consumption per month
Get an early on estimation about future consumption charges
Get a comparison overview and a total monthly estimation.

All your properties’ info summarized in one view!
In DTWISE we know how to make heavy data meaningful.

It observes the whole landscape 24/7, focusing on visualization of electricity, water and gas data, consumption and bill estimation, property bench marking and ranking, via an integrated power panel that offers the full service pack. Designed to provide an overview to any user, it monitors your whole operational and οrganizational behavior, like a valuable utility tracker and an integrated energy consultant for your premises.
Manufacturer: DTWISE