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Pavlos Lazarides

Pavlos Lazarides

Pavlos Lazarides is an Independent Financial Advisor / Interim Manager. He contributed to a variety of successful client-projects in mergers and acquisition area (LogicDis, Viva Wallet Holdings, Zenon Robotics and EBO-PYRKAL). He took lead-role both as Project Manager and as Interim Manager.

(Chairman and/or CFO) in the re-structuring of IKA (The Greek Social Security Fund), LogicDIS and Zenon Robotics. He acted as Chief Financial Advisor to the CEO of EYDAP, ODIE and Viva Wallet Holdings and assisted various SMEs with their funding process and the development of their business plans.

For a long period of his career he served KPMG as a Senior Management Consultant where he successfully carried out a wide variety of projects in Greece and abroad for a diversified portfolio of clients (Citibank, BNP, Squibb, Bank of America FMC, ELVAL etc) and later on as a Senior Manager/ Head of Internal Audit Services where he assisted a large number of companies of several industries to deal with management assurance projects. Earlier on his carrier path he has assumed the responsibilities of Finance & Administration department in both Athenian Capital Holdings AE. and Sara Lee/DE and its subsidiaries.

He studied Business Administration in Piraeus Graduate School of Industrial Studies and attended in various Institutions in Greece, Europe and US.