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Who we Are

The Driving Force behind DTWISE

Athanassios Panagoulas

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Athanassios Panagoulas is an entrepreneur in energy and construction. For the last consecutive 10 years he invests in technology and innovation, aiming to deliver products and services which offer Energy Efficiency and Green Development through best practices. He is the founder and CEO of Effective Development – Effective Energy.

Previously, he was appointed as Director and Manager on major infrastructure projects, where he greatly enhanced his experience in the supervision and construction of global reference projects, serving in enterprises such as Hochtief, Planet – Ernst & Young and ELAKTOR group.

In his early career he worked as a DSP assembly developer. Fascinated by artificial intelligence and integrated solutions for robotics via neural networks programming, he decided to pursue a career in the National Center for Space Research.

As a persistent engineer, his vision to facilitate energy management and efficiency and make it accessible to people in the most innovative and friendly way, led him to invest in Intelen. He served as a VP of Business Development and sales strategy. He was also a member of the BoD. During his time at Intelen, he cultivated the idea for stronger business involvement in Big/Any Data Analytics, which was a very demanding field of new technologies with vast potential.

Since then, he co-founded DTWISE where he now serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Currently he manages business development, strategy and the EVWISE product.

Athanassios Panagoulas
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
DTWISE is involved in Big Data Analytics field providing total data management solutions for Enterprises, Utilities, Liquid Fuel Distributors and Renewable Energy Sources. From acquisition and analysis to retention policies, we empower users with fast access & efficient management of their data.
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