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DTWISE at the Energy Efficiency Conference 2016

DTWISE presents theirs applications in the field of Total Industrial Energy Management

Athanassios Panagoulas Speaking at the Energy Efficiency Conference 2016

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According to the company’s management, DTWISE applications mark the end of the industrial product line fragmentation. These applications are designed to aid a strategic shift to this direction. The new era in which all sub-systems communicate with each other through real-time data processing has come, setting the foundations for the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial production lines.

DTWISE is actively involved in the field of the Big Data Analytics, providing integrated solutions for Enterprises, Utilities, Property Management Companies, Fuel Distributors and Renewable Energy Sources. The portfolio includes Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Logistics, Road Networks, Electricity Producers, Recycling Aluminum, Metallurgical and Pharmaceutical Industries, offering total Energy Efficiency and production-line monitoring solutions.

According to the CEO of DTWISE and President of Effective Group, Athanassios Panagoulas, the company is continually investing on Research and Development (R&D) and runs a plan of constant product development, aiming to retain its innovative character in Total Energy Management applications that were firstly introduced to the market by DTWISE.

DTWISE, during the “Industrial Energy Efficiency Practices” section of the conference, presented Total Industrial Energy Management and Monitoring applications, as well as Case Studies, in which the company achieved successful rationalization of energy costs in specific parts of the production line as well as significant percentage rates of energy savings.

By achieving ‘Real-Time’ communication among several production lines’ sub-systems at industrial plants over a single data analysis & management platform, enhances the action of production-line engineers by making the best system use and discovering the “hidden” value of their generated data. In that way, they can accurately define the potential for energy savings in every part of the production line, while they can schedule optimum and “value-for-money” interventions (optimum Return on Investment (ROI)), of which energy impact tracking sets under thorough monitoring during the implementation.

DTWISE applications give industries the opportunity to increase their energy efficiency and sustain it in the long run, ensuring optimum equipment operation and valuable cross-correlations on different segments of the production process, thus contributing on the production cost reduction and the development of a targeted CO2 footprint reduction strategy.

Spyros Tzovairis, COO / CTO at DTWISE, states that the backbone of these applications is ”wise_search”, a 100% in-house developed machine learning tool of our advanced potential data analysis platform, that carries out the most complex correlations and advanced reporting, which are useful to the industries’ senior management level.

This is the “Total Energy Management” philosophy, adds Athanassios Panagoulas, to conclude that the company’s main goal is that these applications will serve as a unique diversification point to the competitive field of Utilities and the global giants of Integrated Enterprise Consulting. Α fact, that was also confirmed by the reach of DTWISE at the international exhibition “Utility Week” in Vienna, certifying its forefront in the Commercial and Industrial Energy Management sector.

DTWISE at the Energy Efficiency Conference 2016
DTWISE presents theirs applications in the field of Total Industrial Energy Management.
Duration: 8 hours:
Fragoklissias 3a & Grannikou
Marousi, Athens