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The optimal product for Charge Point Operators & EV drivers

is the ultimate product that helps Charge Point Operators to optimize their operation & increase customer satisfaction with our holistic energy management solution.

EV Charge Point Operators can benefit from:

Holistic Charger Management Service

Operational Cost Reduction: Real-time remote handling and minimized human intervention.

Automation: Automated algorithms’ system for maximized troubleshooting

Customization: Scalable & adjustable solutions, based on market growth & customer needs

Evolution: Continuous evolution and compliance of technology, according with the global EV charging standards

Advanced Billing System

Revenue Increase: Elimination of billing errors by using state-of -the-art processing tools

Analysis: Targeted billing plans through data analysis insights

Optimization: Fully customizable & versatile solutions’ pricing policies

Integration: Full integration with new or existing ERP systems

Optimized Electrical Energy Management

V2G: Maximization of the available energy resources by improving energy distribution to and from the grid

Cost Reduction: Use of specialized energy analysis & advanced management algorithms in order to reduce CAPEX & OPEX

Optimization: Charging supply infrastructure optimization through more efficient distribution of available electrical power

Evolution: Continuous integration of EV future technologies and market growth requirements

The Optimal Drivers’ Solution

Considering the ever-increasing EV drivers’ needs, offers the flexible mobile app through which the latter can effortlessly manage their vehicles’ charging.

offers a holistic experience through which EV drivers can:

• Browse through an extremely user-friendly UI

• Schedule charging appointments and make payment

• Access to account data (payments, invoicing)

• Make use of additional features offered by the CPO

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