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Facility Management Solutions

A highly customized Energy Management suite built to offer next-gen user experience, upgraded operational efficiency and excellence, insights on consumption data, while you will be able to add expanded services and support new business development

A cost-effective way to provide value-added services to the end-user while facility management teams will be able to:

  • Unify monitoring across all clients
  • Provide improved consulting services
  • Provide fact-based relocation advice to clients
  • Integrate with various systems, such as ERP, enhancing automation

Τhis product will essentially allow you to become an “intimate” insider to the factory, building, PV, etc. You will be able to make more targeted sales and leverage information for new business development. For example, it could detect when UPS batteries need replacement in a building and use that information to target advertisement in a similar manner as “google ads” searching works , offering cross-selling opportunities to you.

A highly customized Energy Management Solution for:

  • Meeting end-user expectations, increasing satisfaction and loyalty
  • Offering next-gen user experience
  • Upgrading your operational efficiency and excellence
  • Interpreting consumption data
  • Energy efficiency consultancy
  • Expanding offered services and adding new competencies
  • Supporting the up selling of insights and predictions to Utilities

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